Gutsy at Work

Close-up basket of greens in woman's hands

I always knew I felt better eating hearty vegetables, whole grains, and cutting out refined sugar and carbohydrates as much as possible. But now I know why. Essentially, I’m feeding the healthy microflora in the lower intestine. Tiny, invisible organisms that do so much work to keep us healthy. A diet high in processed food, refined carbohydrates and sugar, and low in fiber goes straight into the bloodstream, essentially starving those healthy little microflora down…

Afternoon Work Bliss

Man working on a laptop on a rustic wooden table next to a window

A lot’s been written about morning routines lately. How famous, productive people may start their day with the peace and quiet of dawn, latté or tea in hand, thinking creatively with five to 10 minutes to map out their day and perhaps week. And while morning habits are great, if you’re like most people the first hour or two of your day is spent shuffling the kids to school, greeting coworkers as you prep your…