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Writing and Corporate Storytelling

“It’s an exciting time to be storytellers — so many ways and platforms to publish uncompromising editorial content.”
— FIPP Congress, October, 2015 (the largest international magazine media event).

In the age of websites, social media, digital communications and content marketing, content is king, as they say. As a content creator and writer, I specialize in writing fresh, engaging content and delivering clear messaging to your audience. I can help you determine key messages, ideal platforms, timing, goals and calls to action.

I have more than 15 years of experience in journalism and communications, and my work has appeared in the Medical Post, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada, Gastroenterology Canada, Dermatology Times of CanadaQueen’s Alumni ReviewQueen’s Gazette, Queen’s Media Centre, (e)Affect Research MagazineChatelaineCanadian Health, Kingston Life, Great Rated! – Great Place to Work, and the business magazine and blog of Your Workplace, telling the story of healthy workplaces and progressive organizations across Canada.

I have also worked as an Academic Assistant for the Queen’s University Writing Centre, providing professional writing and editing advice to undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, I have worked as an Assistant Instructor for introductory Queen’s University writing courses.

Whether it’s a company blog to highlight your expertise as a thought leader, an opinion on news in your industry, company highlights, an E-newsletter, tweet or video, every organization has content and a story that is unique.

Who can forget WestJet’s 2013 Christmas miracle marketing effort? Their investment in corporate storytelling got a lot of buzz and evoked emotion at the right time of year, and it proved to be beneficial to their brand.

In a Telegraph UK video address House of Cards’ star Kevin Spacey claims, “Your customers are desperate for stories.” In his talk to television producers about the success of House of Cards, he emphasizes the importance of storytelling.

“We wanted to start to tell a story that would take a long time to tell,” says Spacey. “Give people what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it in, at a reasonable price, and they’ll more likely pay for it rather than steal it. It’s all content — it’s just story. The audience has spoken. They want stories. They’re dying for them.” And the success of House of Cards is no exception.

It is an exciting time to be storytelling.